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Bloom Agency specializes in enhancing companies’ DEI strategies, both internally and externally. We collaborate with agencies to cultivate diverse talent pools of models and creatives, seamlessly integrating them into the production process.

Our signature workshops empower industry employers and promote inclusivity among diverse models and talent. We tackle the pressing issue of insufficient diversity and inclusivity in branding through our focus on Diversity & Inclusion In Production.

By operating as a collective enterprise contributor, we take on responsibilities that span the entire organization. This integrated operational system ensures long-term sustainability in the production industry and boosts morale, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

casting dei talent

Being intentional about who and what you represent through branding is crucial. Your brand should reflect and resonate with your consumers, allowing them to see themselves represented.

Equity in production

Our workshops promote Diversity & Inclusion in the Production Industry, addressing inadequate representation. Being intentional about embracing diverse individuals and backgrounds is crucial. Effective communication strategies that respect diversity foster inclusivity. Authenticity is key to meaningful efforts towards diversity and inclusion, creating a truly diverse and inclusive production industry.

model 101: how to navigate in the modeling industry

Join our workshop as we explore the modeling industry! We invite all diverse models who aspire to break into the modeling and fashion industry.

textures and skin tones

This workshop will give you insight regarding all textures of hair in styling as well as color theory for all skin tones and types.